Methods Of Cleansing Crystals

Not only do crystals emit energy they can absorb it, therefore, it is advisable to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis. There are different techniques you can use, choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Water Cleansing - this is the easiest and most accessible method. Run the crystals under cold water, visualizing the crystal being cleansed of the energy it has absorbed. This leaves it clear and re-energised for you to use again.

Sound - Tibetan bells, a singing bowl or a tuning fork can all be used to cleanse crystals. Practise until the sound you make is a clear ringing, with a strong clear resonance continuing after the chime.

Incense or sage smudging - hold the crystal in the smoke from lit incense or sage, allowing it to flow around the crystal. Don’t be surprised if the smoke moves away from the crystal at first.

Salt - this is frequently recommended, however, I tend not to use it as it is corrosive.

Carnelian & Citrine - have a wonderful ability to cleanse other crystals placed near them. Keeping either alongside your crystals is worthwhile; this goes for your crystal or precious gem jewellery too.

There are so many different crystals to choose from, some of which need extra care whilst cleansing.

If you have a particular crystal you have bought, I recommend that you check the internet for further advice.